streamB is the new streaming-as-a-service cloud platform from leanStream. leanStream provides audio streaming services for some of the world’s biggest radio stations and national broadcasters, and for much of the NCAA’s live event broadcasts and shows.

We are a team of multi-disciplinary professionals with deep experience in radio, digital media and technology. Collectively the team have owned and run radio companies, managed sales and digital departments for national and regional broadcasters and have been part of the radio industry as providers of tech solutions for decades.

We’ve also worked with streaming providers from the client’s side of the desk, and we think streamB is exactly what we would have wanted from our streaming providers.


Streaming audio for broadcasters has historically been an expensive managed-service offering. But times have changed. At leanStream we’ve taken what we’ve learned over 10+ years livestreaming some of the worlds’ biggest radio stations and built a complete SaaS platform to manage enterprise audio streaming.

The new streamB self-serve platform reduces cost, complexity and delays, putting streaming tech fully in the control of your stations digital guru’s.

We’re with you while you grow. streamB tools and services are continuously evolving to future-proof our clients as they build their digital strategy for tomorrow, you can connect to anyone at streamB at any time in our support center and the Hive dashboard has a growing knowledge base of articles with step-by-step instructions on the use of the platform.

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